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Course Name: Making email work for you

If you believe the statistics we're all at it. By 2003, we were doing it 36 billion times a day. The Queen beat all but a handful of academics to it, by doing it for the first time in 1976.

It is email. You only need to walk near a computer and someone will send you one. And then another. This course can't reduce the amount of emails you receive, but it should help you to manage them better - to make email work for you.

Following the introductory section, you'll find six further sections which describe the key steps to achieving email mastery:

  1. Know when to use email
  2. Be a responsible email user
  3. Compose your messages with care
  4. Minimise the e-load
  5. Stay protected
  6. Summing up, including a short quiz
  7. Epilogue